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Christopher Community

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The CCHS class of 1969 held their 50th year reunion on June 1st of this year at the Christopher KC Hall. Dyels Catering of Sesser Il helped prepare the great dinner. The high point of the evening was an excellent 15-minute video created by Gary Janello. It featured a photographic history of the class starting with kindergarten through their previous reunions intermixed with TV excerpts and music from 1969. Shown also, was a memorial for those members of the class who are now deceased.


Classmates in attendance were Alan Biby, Angelo Bione (Class President), Philip Cesar, Joe Corso, Mariann Donaldson Kendrick, Gaila Eickelman Carpenter, Ray Eickelman, Gary Janello (Class Vice President), Vicki Jones Bowlin, Susanne Miller Bruns, Mark Mueller, Rita Ogden Tybrendt, Cindy Pulliam Collier, Leitha Thompson Walker, Glendall Toney, Jerry Walker, Beverly Watts Patterson (Acting Class Treasurer), William Withrow. Unfortunately, Danny Nickolich, Wilbur Franklin, and Marvel Straub were expected but unable to attend at the last minute.

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The video that Gary created is available by contacting him directly and he will make you a DVD.



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